Gift From The Grapes

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Three Fantastic Wines From The Southern Highlands

Cabernet Merlot From Tertini Wines

Double Finale Feature From Centennial Vineyards

2016 Sauvignon Blanc (375ml)
2013 Chardonnay (375ml)

Gourmet Items

Cranberry & Hazelnut Artisan Crispbreads
Australian Honey Based Product - either the Fig & Ginger Honey Spiced Dipping Sauce
OR the Honey & Raw Honeycomb (selection dependant on availability) 
BBQ Kri Kri Peanuts
Classic Spiced Tomato Relish In A Jute Bag
Honey Chili Dipping Sauce
Premium Dark Chocolate With Liquor Infusion - either Whiskey OR Gin infusion
Pepperberry Mustard &
Whiskey Seville Mustard - Both In Country Flair Hessian Bags

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